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The ROOT OF LIFE CRAFTWORK website contains typical photos of already made elements / products owned by TROL Craftwork which are presented here as examples within selected product categories. The photographs show products that look like elements that can be made to an interested party, but may deviate from what is shown with regard to the selected materials and other technical characteristics of the product. Product descriptions are printed on the website, along with photos, and do not necessarily represent a product that will ultimately be made in accordance with the wishes of the customer. The website does not serve as a web shop, but as a display / description of all categories and products that can be created according to the customer’s wishes.

We guarantee the security and confidentiality of all customer data.


Terms of production / sale / provision of services

After selecting the desired category and the desired product, the customer contacts the representative of THE ROOT OF LIFE Craftwork and discusses the final product by email:, by phone: +385 91 600 98 20; Facebook Messenger or Instagram Messenger. The agreement includes: selection of dimensions, colors, purposes, etc. for which there is ultimately a written trace through the accepted offer issued in accordance with the agreement with the party within the time limit set during the initial interview.

After accepting the offer, a deadline for production / delivery is determined, which may vary depending on the complexity of providing the agreed service. THE ROOT OF LIFE Craftwork does not manufacture furniture, but if the desired product falls into this category, it provides the desired in cooperation with professional craftsmen (locksmiths, carpenters) who guarantee the quality of service in accordance with the design of THE ROOT OF LIFE Craftwork.

All products displayed on the website and other products made within the activities of THE ROOT OF LIFE Craftwork are entirely designer products, unique and intellectual property of the owner of THE ROOT OF LIFE Craftwork. In view of the above, the right to form a price is reserved with the prior calculation of the required material and the time spent by the business owner or experts who are outsourced, with the prior approval of the client. The design service itself can be considered the design / conception of the layout and process of making the product that is made available to the customer, and not necessarily the making of the product itself. Payment for selected products or services is made by bank transfer according to the offer made to the customer before the start of the service, in full or a certain percentage of the advance, depending on the agreement with the customer.


Delivery / installation 

According to the customer’s wishes, it is possible to deliver the desired products, but it depends on the complexity and / or dimensions of the items to be delivered. This service can be performed by the business owner or through a courier service, which requires prior agreement with the customer. Installation of the necessary can be done by the owner of the craft due to the complexity of providing the service, and in accordance with the prior agreement with the client.